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Reinforced Composite Fillet Series

  Yongxin HuaLi steel-plastic composite reinforcement is used with a special high-strength steel wire, wrapped in polymer composite material from the band structure of products, rigid and flexible materials material integrated products, the main force for steel components, a small wiggle .

Product Features

Rally large:
Yongxin HuaLi with steel-plastic composite reinforcement of the main components for the reinforcements to high strength steel wire can be adjusted basis of the actual needs of the wire diameter and root for reinforcements to change the size of the rally, the production of different requirements of the reinforcement Rally band, with the statutory authority of agencies, each Yongxin HuaLi  reinforcements are greater than the tensile strength of 100 Mpa-225Mpa.
Deformation small:
Yongxin HuaLi  with steel-plastic composite reinforcement wire from the main force of its commitment to breaking elongation of less than or equal to 3% to ensure that small wall deformation, pleasing in appearance.
Long life:
Yongxin HuaLi steel-plastic composite reinforcement with a protective coating of polyethylene materials and introduction of a certain percentage of the anti-aging agents, antioxidants and light shielding agent masterbatch extrusion molding at high temperature to ensure the protection of wire and can be joint force, the production of the hot extrusion process to reduce the gap between the elements to ensure that the steel reinforcements do not rust. The anti-aging treatment protective layer of polyethylene with acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance to the chemical characteristics and ultraviolet radiation caused by aging, with the statutory authority of institutions, Yongxin HuaLi  steel-plastic composite reinforcement fill in the coverage zone and the life expectancy is unlimited, fully meet the needs of permanent works.
Cost Province:
After some examples of projects compared Yongxin HuaLi with steel-plastic composite reinforcement and rigid and flexible reinforcement belt can save 10-50% of project cost.
Construction convenient:
Yongxin HuaLi with the use of steel-plastic composite reinforcement before without processing, cutting convenience, the construction zone is not as rigid reinforcement needs welding, anti-corrosion, the laying of the province, and avoid the cross-over, effectively shortening construction period.
Uplift good performance:
Yongxin HuaLi steel-plastic composite reinforcement with the surface of the hot extrusion from the rough pattern and Letiao, effectively improving the reinforcements like the friction coefficient, completely satisfy the tall wall Uplift performance needs.

highway embankment, embankments, road cutting, abutments, roads, ramp, a protective tunnel
railway roadbed, embankments, bridge abutment, landslides renovation of the tunnel protection
port terminal, breakwater, revetment, diversion dike, a flood, dams and water gates
industrial tailings dam, slag field, yard, freight yard
Gongminjian ancillary works, roads, walls, the construction of retaining
rivers, beaches beach reclamation project
forest engineering, and military protection works

Reinforced composite reinforcement series with parameters

Model specifications(mm) BreakingRally(KN) ultimate tensile strength(MPa) breaking elongation(%) Remarks
HL-CAT30015A 301.5 5.0 110 3.0 for general lower wall of retaining walls
HL-CAT30015B 301.5 6.0 130 3.0
HL-CAT30020A 302.0 7.0 115 3.0 for the 115 Highway, highways, flood control revetment, municipal projects such as retaining wall
HL-CAT30020B 302.0 9.0 150 3.0
HL-CAT30020C 302.0 12.0 200 3.0
HL-CAT50022 502.2 22.0 200 3.0 for tall retaining wall and railway roadbed
HL-CAT60022 602.2 30.0 225 3.0

special specifications can be customized based on user requirements