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Polyester fiberglass cloth Series


Nature Units Typical
Typical 8/m2 125-155
Tensile Strength MD KN/m2 8
Tensile Strength CMD KN/m2 8
Polyester fiber content % 20-40
E-glass fiber content % 50-70
Binder content % 0-30
Thickness mm +1.2
Melting point 230
Asphalt adsorption capacity l/m2 1.11
Maximum load elongation MD % <5
Maximum load elongation CMD % <5
Asphalt Pavement guide innovation

# reflective crack-crack - this Erzheng
# surface water seepage at this --
# convenient and speedy construction of thermal stability --
# recycling environmentally friendly renewable ---

Polyester fiberglass cloth PETFIBER & GLASSFIBER MAT
# heat shrinkage # not extend # not easy smash Reuse
Changzhou City Yongxin HuaLi Textile Composite Materials Co., Ltd., Changzhou City Development Limited Lok fiberglass products of polyester fiberglass cloth, glass fiber and polyester fiber as the main raw material, the use of advanced technology into the wet. Glass fiber and polyester fiber is both extremely wide range of applications at home and abroad and enhanced waterproof materials, polyester fiberglass cloth is the focus of two of the fine fibers: GF strength, heat resistance, aging water; the PET flexible, and be a "rigid-flexible economy and the" new materials, overcome their shortcomings: brittle, heat-resistant.
Note the use of polyester fiberglass cloth
Construction in accordance with the following methods, Pavement polyester fiberglass cloth is very convenient.
# Pavement will be in the polyester fiberglass cloth to clean the surface of the work: removing dirt, debris and dust, asphalt bond guarantee results.
# basis of the road when the cracks are larger (more than 6 mm), Hang or damaged, should be filled to carry out remedial work.
# use of the bond must be a reservoir of asphalt, not the use of emulsified asphalt, fiberglass or polyester fabrics bonded lower impact.
# bonding temperature for the best asphalt 163-204 ≧.
# bond after spreading asphalt in the asphalt must not lose mobility before resurfacing collision polyester fiberglass cloth, or of cloth soaked asphalt difficult, reduce the waterproof polyester fiberglass cloth performance.
# Paving Construction polyester fiberglass cloth ambient temperature must be above 4 ≧.
In order to achieve optimal results, polyester fiberglass cloth in the pavement when we must pay attention to the following aspects:
# polyester fiberglass fabric must be installed on the hot asphalt construction. We recommend the following asphalt. AC-20; PG64-22; AR8000 +, or penetrate 60-80 rating for the asphalt. Extreme heat of the summer construction, recommended a relatively high viscosity of the bitumen, asphalt more suitable for the following summer Construction: AC-30; PG67-22; AR8000 +, or as thorns for the 40-60 grade asphalt.
# best use of the asphalt ratio 1.1 liters / square meters, but based on the installation of the actual situation and the road is expected in the style of, the ratio will be a range :1.0-1.3 liters / square meters. Vehicles, we do not recommended in the asphalt heated to 204 ≧ above, as this would hinder operation of the pre-mature liquid asphalt
# polyester fiberglass cloth in the handling, must be careful. If the transport of rolls from the vehicle falling down, injury polyester fiberglass cloth, resulting application.
# If the installation has emerged in the stripes, in any direction on the pavement than 2.5 cm stripes must be slit and again and again together, and the manual will be a frequent soaking in the asphalt layer. Polyester Bose fiber cloth must be used or brush brush roller pressure, in order to ensure its full contact with the road and remove air bubbles. hot asphalt coating width must be in the polyester fiberglass cloth with the width of four inches. polyester fiberglass cloth in the curve bending or stretching hard surface. installed on the surface of cloth, can be truncated, mechanical or manual installation.
# polyester fiberglass cloth can be used at the time of installation or truck tractor with a metal roller drag the bodies, the role of the metal roller polyester is the guarantee will be formed to rollout fiberglass cloth on the road. Roll back in the installation must be installed with a row of brush, pledged to polyester fiberglass cloth presser in the asphalt coating. polyester fiberglass cloth must ensure that the joints in the direction of the length of 5.1 cm layer of the style in the direction of a width of 10.2 cm frequent layer. above the horizontal joints must follow the direction of pavement, all the lap joints must be together.
# paving machinery or other vehicles in the polyester fiberglass cloth installed in the above shift in its must start gradually, and must ensure that the best of our shift, in order to avoid possible damage to the cloth. Construction of the rollout, equipment, tires must be attached to the fabric, cloth surface as little as possible so as to avoid being Sasha-adhesion. Not to reduce tire adhesion reduction of asphalt overlay. The best way is a frequent site of the dispersal.
# completion of the laying of the road in the contract or the installation engineers determined traffic can be opened.

Introduction of
# provide reliable waterproofing effect
Polyester fiber Glass in asphalt concrete will not shrink under high temperature deformation, and other materials can be avoided completely inadequate, and this in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement mixture formed under a continuous, complete, reliable deformation of the waterproof layer, effective Gouache to prevent the infiltration avoid the infiltration of water caused the pavement layer and the layer of foundation damage.

# anti-crack
Polyester with fiberglass cloth extension of the low and high tensile strength, in particular the formation of the bonding layer of asphalt and a solid increase of composite materials, can be effective in eliminating or cracks in the road with the stress concentration, reduce crack in the road Layer of proliferation, thereby extending the life of the road, greatly reducing road maintenance costs.
# renewable
Polyester fiberglass cloth is the main raw material of short glass fiber and polyester fiber, isotropic structure, unlike the common textile structure, can easily be crushed in order to achieve the pavement material recycling use, Therefore materials on the environment is friendly.