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Geogrid series of glass fiber
Yongxin HuaLi enhanced by the provision of glass fiber Geogrid is the most advanced international warp technology, enhanced E-glass fiber Miaozhi into the substrate, and the improved handling of asphalt coating process from the plane grid composite substrates. Its purpose is:
for the roll-out of new asphalt pavement or the refurbishment of the old asphalt pavement, the asphalt surface enhanced played against and resist fatigue cracking, rutting and soil temperature Chung packets, low shrinkage crack, crack reflection diseases such as the role of road.
used to soften Foundation tendon, played out on the soft soil water consolidation inhibited settlement, uniform stress distribution and enhance the overall strength of the roadbed, from the other materials overcome the fundamental strength of the extension of inadequate or excessive rate of the problem .
for conversion of Cement Concrete Pavement Road, inhibiting the reflection plate contraction caused cracks.
extension for the road improvement works, and the new combination of the old uneven subsidence caused by the crack, new roads of a semi-rigid base shrinkage cracks, avoid reflection foundation cracks caused cracks in the road.



Yongxin HuaLi enhanced

Geogrid series of glass fiber parameters

Model Tensile strength as(KN/m) Zonal tensile strength(KN/m) Elongation% Mesh Size mmmm GPa modulus of elasticity Corrosion resistance level
HL-JB3030 30 30 4 25.425.4 67 Merit
HL-JB5050 50 50 4 25.425.4 67 Merit
HL-JB6060 60 60 4 25.425.4 67 Merit
HL-JB8080 80 80 4 25.425.4 67 Merit
HL-JB6060 60 60 4 12.712.7 67 Merit
HL-JB8080 80 80 4 12.712.7 67 Merit


Special specifications can be customized based on user requirements